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Why investing time in training your VA is crucial

Many business owners first thoughts when looking to hire a Virtual Assistant is probably one of “this is probably going to be added work to my already over-extended portfolio, I just don’t have time for this”. But the truth is, a Virtual Assistant is the exact opposite, she could literally be a game-changer for you and your business. There is, however, a crucial factor that you would have to take into consideration to ensure the success of this working relationship. Let’s find out more.

Why it is so important to not only invest money but time into your Virtual Assistant

Yes, a Virtual Assistant will cost you money (although much less than hiring a full-time employee), but the results of hiring her will be invaluable to you in the long term. Besides the fact that you will gain a specialised admin and secretarial skillset in your business, there are many more benefits to you. You will regain a work-life balance that has currently been missing from your business, due to the fact that you are trying to do absolutely everything on your own, you will finally have organisation, your emails will be under control, invoices can be created and sent out by your Virtual Assistant, there are so many avenues that she can take care of for you. Having a more relaxed workday is what all business owners could ever hope for and this is what you can expect when hiring a Virtual Assistant.

There is one key aspect to ensure that this relationship goes the way you need it to and that is to invest some time, especially in the initial stages to train her up and provide her with everything that she needs, in order to do a good job. 

What do you need to train her on?

  • Daily tasks that you need her to perform
  • Future tasks that you may need help with
  • How you like your calendar and emails to be managed
  • Any systems you may have or systems you may need
  • Any processes you have in place
  • Your preferred method of communication
  • When the best time is to contact you for questions or help
  • Best times for weekly catch-up/planning calls
  • Personality 
  • Communication styles

A Virtual Assistant can do many things, but stepping into a new business and automatically knowing what to do or how you like things to be done is impossible and if this training step is skipped, it could result in mishaps or confusion for both parties going forward.

Like any relationship, investing time into it will result in a long-term, successful business journey together. Trust me the hours you put into your Virtual Assistant now, will pay off later for your benefit.

It’s time to start delegating to a competent Virtual Assistant who can add to your day in a positive and productive way. Have any questions about how a Virtual Assistant can assist you? Feel free to drop me an email by clicking on the button below, I would be happy to answer your questions for you.