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If you are an individual business owner or small business, I can imagine that you are currently facing quite a few administrative challenges. How do I know? Because as a small business owner myself, I know that you are probably juggling multiple balls at one time and unfortunately administration comes last on the priority list. Of course, that makes sense because you have other serious aspects to take care of, such as gaining more clientele, marketing yourself, getting invoices paid, I know that your list is probably truly extensive, however, the admin portion of your business still needs to be attended to. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that your business is in need of some help:

Your to-do list has no end

Should you even have the time to compile a to-do list, it probably has endless tasks that keep getting shifted on day after day, because you are just unable to get to them. The problem comes in when crucial tasks that need to be actioned are falling through the cracks and are probably causing you endless stress and frustration that you cannot get around to attending to them. Not to mention emails that are just endlessly going unread and unreplied to. This is a big sign that it is time to start delegating and getting some help into your business.

Your day has absolutely no cut off to it

We all know that business owners can make or break their own businesses. Unfortunately,  that is the very reason why you probably find yourself spending hours and hours trying to ensure that your business is making the money it needs to. The result of this is that you are probably working eighteen plus hours a day. Family life and personal time will sadly come last and you are most likely already experiencing signs of fatigue and burn-out. You should be reaping the rewards of your business and be experiencing more time to actually enjoy the reason you started your business in the first place. Something crucial to remember is that the health of your business depends on you and vice versa. If any of this resonates with you, it is definitely time to start making some decisions about how you distribute your time.

You have no systems, processes, or order in your business 

It is natural at this point to have no processes in place. It’s perfectly understandable actually, this would have been the last priority on your list. The problem with this though is that your business is probably functioning in chaos and that will not be a good thing and will most likely be adding to your stress levels. When you are unable to find documents, client email addresses, forgetting meetings that you scheduled, and have no systems in which to run your business at optimum levels, this is a huge indicator that something needs to change in your business urgently.

No time for strategy, growth, or scaling

Your skills are the reason why you started a business in the first place. They should not actually be wasted on taking care of organisational and administrative functions that might be taking you away from focusing on key strategies to grow and propel your business forward. If you have to divide your time over priority areas in your business, they should be focused on the tasks that will be resulting in business growth.

You have no work-life balance

You most likely left corporate to go out on your own, because you had a vision and passion for what you started the business for. You don’t want to be regretting the very reason why you started this business in the first place because you are burnt out, your health is starting to deteriorate, your family doesn’t see you as much and your hobbies are out of the window. It’s time to start looking at doing things differently.

Do any of the above signs sound familiar?

If so, there is a really good solution, that would alleviate all of these problem areas. And that is outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is a remote contractor that works from her own location and offers business solutions in the form of secretarial and administrative functions. A Virtual Assistant comes in to rescue your business by taking on many of the crucial administrative functions that you are most likely lacking currently. A Virtual Assistant can help manage your calendar, set up your meetings, assist you with your email inbox, help book your travel, start setting up systems and processes for your business to function optimally. 

Overall, she is there to aid you in your business and help you to carry the load. The difference in your life as a person is immeasurable. Spend more time with your loved ones, get to the gym every day, start taking off more days to do the things you love. Your Virtual Assistant will have your back.

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