Perpetuity Virtual Assistant Services

Why should I hire a Virtual Assistant? Let’s find out!

This is probably one of the most common questions a small business owner would ask: “what is the value in hiring a Virtual Assistant”? Let’s rather ask the question this way: “What would you do with stacks of extra time in your day?” That’s exactly where a Virtual Assistant’s value lies… giving you back more time to focus on the things that you choose to focus on and not what you are forced to focus on. Let’s delve into even more reasons in this blog.

As a business owner myself I know what it’s like to be completely OCD and feeling like I know that I have the capability to run my entire business, take care of admin, marketing, calendar management, and pretty much every other aspect, but when you are reaching that level where you are truly wanting to scale up, it’s impossible to maintain all of this and remain sane and efficient at the same time.

Time Management

You could be the most time-conscious business owner and are probably still running out of time or worse yet, burning the candle at both ends every single day. Most of the time, entrepreneurs are over-achievers and will potentially be very hard on themselves for not meeting absolutely every deadline or task, but the truth is, you are just a human with a limited amount of hours in a day and you cannot be expected to manage all of this on your own. This is where a Virtual Assistant can partner up with your business venture and take on many of the tasks you are currently managing on your own. It’s ok to ask for help, and turning to a Virtual Assistant is the best place to start.

Your Business is Going Places

Your business needs to move forward, many times when you are taking care of every area of your business, you could land up with a stagnant business. Not to mention that you as the CEO of your own company should be performing roles that are high-level, strategic, and business growth-orientated and should not be stuck performing tasks that could easily be delegated to a Virtual Assistant, who coincidentally specialises in the full administrative spectrum.

What Can a Virtual Assistant Actually Take Over for You?

Pretty much everything administrative and secretarial, but let’s go into some detail:

  • Personal Assistance/Secretarial functions
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Minutes of Meetings/Agendas
  • Meeting Preparation
  • Diary Management
  • Meeting Arrangements
  • Email Management
  • Business/personal reminders
  • To-do lists
  • Administration functions
  • Typing
  • Document management
  • Online Filing
  • Drafting of Correspondence
  • Expense Claims
  • Database Administration
  • Reports Administration
  • Research of any kind
  • Proofreading

These are just a couple of them because Virtual Assistants offer much more in most cases. Can you already identify some that you would definitely want to delegate to a Virtual Assistant? 

The Benefits?

  • You gain so much more freedom
  • You only pay for dedicated work and not time that could be wasted by a full-time PA
  • If you are tired of constantly splitting your time between several avenues of your life, you can now decide on what you would like to spend your time on daily, by hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • Spend more personal time relaxing, playing golf, going to the gym, or with your family
  • Create healthier daily habits for yourself
  • For more benefits feel free to take a look at my “quick facts page” here

If this article has convinced you to hire your very first Virtual Assistant, please feel free to schedule a call with me, so that I can tell you more.