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I provide a professional Virtual Assistant service to my clients – to ensure you have one less thing to worry about in life – admin – consider your administration sorted.

Loadshedding? No problem! I am a generated-power Virtual Assistant Business, therefore no loss of work hours with my services.

About Adèle

My name is Adèle and I provide a professional service to my clients in line with their core functions. I make my clients’ lives a bit easier – and give them back some time to focus on other important business matters.

I am dedicated, hardworking, trustworthy, loyal, and vibrant. I give my best in everything I do and will go the extra mile to get the job done.

Perpetuity Virtual Assistant Services

"For everything we don't like to do, there's someone out there who's really good, wants to do it and will enjoy it."

Josh Kaufman

Perpetuity Virtual Assistant Services

Think of me as a Personal Assistant, the only difference being I work remotely as an independent consultant, who provides a similar skillset to that of a Personal Assistant.

Perpetuity Virtual Assistant Services

Tired of handling administration on your own? I am quite sure that your answer is a HUGE yes! Thank goodness you can turn to me to assist you with all these tasks.

Your Investment

Compared to the price of hiring a full-time employee based in an office, you are truly winning with a Virtual Assistant, who will give you back something money could never buy … time!

Perpetuity Virtual Assistant Services

“I have known Adèle at work since 2015.  When I encountered her first, I wanted to tell her to slow down but she did not stand still long enough to do that, she is always on the move, even when sitting down.

“If you want something done, find a busy person to do it” my Grandmother always said.  Only when I got to know Adèle did I fully understand the concept.  When you ask her a question and she does not know the answer, she’ll find out and bring you the solution.  “I can’t” is not part of her vocabulary.

Adèle learnt how to do requisitions on the ERP system because there was no person on some projects who could fill the role, something people close to the project battle with and often don’t want to do because of the complexity.  She filled the role of procurement administrator in addition to the PA, secretary, receptionist, Girl Friday and other regular functions she performs everyday.

Adèle is always neat and presents herself immaculately, she is upstanding and friendly while keeping a professional demeanour.  Her laugh is infectious and people are drawn to her by her warmth and kindness.”

Cilliers Bennett

“Adèle is one of the most organised, dynamic and lovely people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Adèle has completed a 3-month intensive international  training program for Virtual Assistant’s that I coach. Adèle has been absolutely phenomenal throughout the program. Every step that is crucial to be set up as a successful Virtual Assistant, has been set up properly. Adèle has also undergone VA system and tools training, so is completely equipped with absolutely everything that is needed to assist clients efficiently and effectively.

Any business would be more than fortunate to have Adèle assisting you. She will transform your business into a place of calm, order and organisation.

Adèle comes highly recommend from me with 5-stars for sure!”

Melissa Nicholson - The VA Coach

“Adèle displayed exemplary leadership in her area of responsibility. Her character, work ethic and high quality standards were fully aligned to her value system which displayed efficiency, integrity and excellence.

Adèle was a key player in ensuring the effective coordination of the Executive Leadership team’s various activities, to ensure success of our Business Unit. She was extremely professional, efficient, always pleasant and addressed issues with a solution orientation always suggesting better alternatives and with a remarkable collaboration ability. Through all business challenges, I’ve seen Adèle consistently display a positive “can do” optimistic attitude that was contagious and lifted the atmosphere in the office.

Having worked with Adèle for almost 4 years, I can with utmost confidence recommend her as an asset that would enhance the outputs and profitability of any organisation, whether as a full time employee or a services provider/consultant offering her suite of services and expertise.”

Bradley Hlubi

“I worked for Grinaker-LTA from July 2015 to April 2017 as Divisional Managing Director of the Mechanical, Electrical and Engineering division. During my tenure, Adèle was my Personal Assistant as well as the Division Secretary. Adèle is one of the most reliable persons I ever worked with. She never missed any deadline, any kind of bookings, regarding as well preparation and submission of Monthly reports, Board Packs, etc. despite some Managers being often late, she always managed somehow to get what she needed to carry out her duties with conscientiousness. She was dedicated, motivated, honest, and caring, never ever forgetting any important personal event of a member of the team, birthdays, weddings, new babies, etc.

If one day I need to work again in South Africa and needing a PA, she will be the first person I will call to find out whether she is available. She was, is and will be an asset for any company needing her services.

Good luck, Adèle, in your new endeavour!”

Dr Lilian SIMON

If you are ready to partner with me in your business or just have questions, please feel free to click the button below to book a virtual call with me.

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